Coal Continuous Miner

We supply a wide-range of rebuilt continuous miners and have the capacity to handle all continuous miners that can cut coal from one meter to six meters in height. The following products are also available New and Rebuilt.

Traction Gearbox, Gathering Gearbox, Foot and Tail Shaft Rollers, Conveyor Gearbox, Cutter and Conveyor Boom Repairs, Spade Repairs, Conveyor Chain and Crawler Chain.

For all part numbers please request our comprehensive catalogue.

The Ideal Continuous Miner

  • Cuts full faces in one pass

  • Easily moveable between locations without dismantling parts

  • Excavates right angle turns with a minimum radius

  • Has a roof and rib bolters fixed to the machine in a location where each row of the designed support pattern can be installed without moving the miner and be installed close to the cut face if necessary

  • Has adequate space alongside to allow good ventilation of the face area for efficient removal of gas and dust.

  • Allows strata supports to be safely installed while coal cutting continues

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