Feeder Breakers

Joy feeder breakers provide a highly reliable, productive means for continuous feeding and breaking of most bedded, mined material – including wet, dry, sticky or a combination thereof – in a broad range of configurations for both surface and underground applications. The feeder breaker is the connection between the mining system and the material handling system, allowing both systems to operate efficiently and productively.

Feeder Breakers designed for increased mine efficiency

  • Surge capacity allows haulage equipment to discharge mined material at the designed rate for such haulage equipment

  • Material throughput is fully variable up to 1,814 tonnes (2,000 tons) per hour

    • Optidrive variable frequency drive (VFD) system offers variable speed control equivalent to 25% to 100% of the rated throughput

    • Water-cooled and air-cooled drives available

Feeder Breakers designed for durability

  • All-welded frame construction helps reduce maintenance and lengthen working life

  • Abrasion-resistant deck plate

  • Available with a hard-surfaced chromium carbide deck overlay that increases deck life

Feeder Breakers designed for maximum mobility and performance

  • Available with optional Integrated Continuous Tramming (ICT) crawlers that include:

    • 20” (508 mm) crawler pads for lower ground pressure and improved traction in varying bottom conditions

    • A planetary crawler drive with reversible cap for free-wheeling capability

    • Designed to increase tractive effort for ease and speed of relocation

    • Maximum pad widths to promote excellent flotation in varying tram conditions

Feeder Breakers designed for your mining application

  • Intake ends, custom-designed to meet your haulage needs, include ram car, swing gate, and three-way dump options

  • Staked or hinged sideboards come in various heights for additional capacity

  • Fully-variable speed designs to match capacity to application

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