Services at Coalseam Hydraulics and Mining


Coalseam supplies both new and rebuilt machines in the following undergound categories: Continuous miners, Shuttle cars, Roof bolters, Feeder breakers, Augers, Face drills, Coal Cutters, Loaders and Load haul dumpers. Our equipment rebuilds will have your machines restored to optimum, like new condition. We do not take any shortcuts and pay attention to detail to every item and component that gets fitted to the machine. Thereafter the machine is coated in an automotive grade 2K paint, leaving your machine looking immaculate. Depending on your budget, we also offer to source core machine bodies, or manufacture complete new from the ground up.


Incorrectly maintained machinery and parts can be the most costly to any mine. Our custom designed maintenance schedules allow mine workers to focus on production, while your valuable equipment is looked after and maintained.


Safety is a critical factor when working underground. Coalseam offers a unique torque testing service which allows you to install roofbolts to optimum efficiency, and adjusting machine settings where necessary to ensure your roofbolts are torqued to the right setting, and the roof is supported correctly. With this process you have a pro active process of ensuring safety of employees from roof fall

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