Joy Shuttle Cars

Joy shuttle cars are designed to work as a system with continuous miners, efficiently removing cut material from the working face and maximizing the productivity of the entire section. Our product line includes:

  • 10SC32: five models with rated load capacities ranging from 8 to 30 tonnes (9 to 33 tons) and operating heights from 1.3 to 2.7 m (53 to 104 in.)
  • 10SC42: features a rated load capacity of 16 tonnes (18 tons) and is ideal for mid-to-high seam applications
  • 21SC04: features a rated load capacity of 8 tonnes (9 tons) and is ideal for low- to mid-seam applications

The chassis and rolling gear on each of our shuttle car models were designed, using finite element analysis, to find the optimal balance of:

  • Volumetric load
  • Vehicle dimensions
  • Load-carrying ability
  • Fatigue life

Hauling power

Our heavy-duty, high-power drive trains enable our shuttle cars to haul heavy loads in the most difficult conditions. Two 85kW VFD AC traction motors (50kW in lower seam models) power the permanent four-wheel drive system. The cast pivot axles are virtually indestructible, while the heavy-duty conveyors and abrasion-resistant conveyor decking improve reliability and durability.

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